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Productrelease: Personalize your tickets and enrich your data.

Laurens van Eck 29 / 08 / 23

The world of ticketing is constantly evolving, and at Ticketcounter, we're responding to this with new product releases that will take your ticketing strategy to the next level. We're introducing a new feature that allows you to personalize every ticket.

Ticket Personalization: A Unique Experience
With this new product release, your ticket buyers have the ability to make each type of ticket unique. Add the visitor's name, customize the ticket design, and include personal messages.

Imagine buying a gift card for someone online or giving a ticket as a gift. You now have the option to personalize it by adding the recipient's name and even including a personalized message. Subsequently, the tickets will be sent directly to the correct individuals. No more hassle with distributing tickets. Everyone has their own ticket. This creates a unique experience for both the recipient and the sender.

Enhance Your Data: Meaningful Insights
In addition to creating a unique experience, this new feature enables you to gather and enrich valuable data. By analyzing the personalized data, you can gain insights into your visitors' behavior. These insights can in turn be used to personalize marketing campaigns, offer targeted promotions, and optimize the overall experience.

Improved Customer Journey: A Personal Approach
Ticket personalization goes beyond just the ticketing experience. It contributes to building stronger customer relationships by further personalizing the customer journey. Addressing visitors by their name and providing relevant information fosters a sense of engagement. This strengthens the bond and increases the likelihood of repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Efficiency and Streamlining: Smoother Access Control
In addition to benefits for visitors and data, personalized ticketing also enhances your operational efficiency. Access control becomes easier and smoother, as each ticket corresponds to the right person. Furthermore, it can contain specific information that can help your staff quickly and accurately identify visitors, such as for events or exhibitions.

With our ongoing new product releases, we provide you with the tools to transform your ticketing strategy and establish a deeper connection with your visitors.

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