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CheckYour own ticket shop effortlessly online
CheckSatisfied visitors & improved profitability thanks to powerful additional modules

„I think the overall package from Ticketcounter is great. Our online shops create real added value.”

Ludger Schmidt Geschäftsführer Affen- und Vogelpark Eckenhagen
E-ticketing partner of leisure facilities throughout Germany and the Netherlands

E-ticketing partner of leisure facilities throughout Germany and the Netherlands

For almost 15 years we have been developing online ticket shops and other powerful visitor management solutions for zoos, museums and event organizers, among others. We do this for smaller, owner-managed businesses as well as large municipal leisure facilities by offering an open architecture and top notch support to all of our partners. This applies to zoos that want an online ticket shop as an additional sales channel, but also to leisure facilities or organizers looking for the complete package. From cash register systems to admission control or reporting tools, our offer is as flexible and varied as our customers and their requirements.

Visitor management tailored to your situation

We are happy to show you the possibilities our system has to offer.

Your own ticket shop effortlessly online

Your own ticket shop effortlessly online

You think developing your own online ticket shop is complicated and time-consuming? Not if you opt for a collaboration with Ticketcounter. We make sure your customised shop is ready in just a few weeks time. Fitted to the needs and designed in the style of your leisure facility. And your new ticket shop obviously meets the highest security standards. Also nice to know, in most cases you don't have to invest anything upfront.

Satisfied visitors & improved profitability thanks to powerful additional modules

Satisfied visitors & improved profitability thanks to powerful additional modules

You work hard every day to enchant your visitors and Our visitor management solutions support you in this. In addition to online ticket shops, you have also come to the right place for high-performance cash register systems, scanners for admission control and reporting tools. They are all designed to optimize processes and have proven themselves in numerous leisure facilities. We make sure they follow the modular principle so they can be expanded and combined at will. Even with existing systems. So you can concentrate on what counts: visitors who are enchanted by your leisure facility.


What you probably would like to know

Whether you're new to, or experienced with e-ticketing or other visitor management solutions, you probably have questions. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions for you here.

When your online shop is finished, our team, your internet agency or you yourself can add it to your existing website. After that, consumers can use your website to purchase tickets and possibly other items such as vouchers or merchandise. Payments are processed via the platform of our financial service provider and credited to your bank account immediately. And you have 24/7 access to the backend system with all sales data.

How does an online ticket shop work?

There are many platforms for online ticket sales and visitor management. However, they often fall into one of two categories: either, they are standard packages with little scope for customization. Or the systems are very complex. And that way customers pay for a large package, but only use a fraction. Ticketcounter brings the best of both worlds together. We offer shops for ticket sales and hardware that we can flexibly tailor to the needs of our customers. This is made possible by the open architecture and a high degree of modularity of the systems. Would you like to have an online ticket shop developed with specific interfaces? Or do you need a new POS system? In both cases we love to sit down with you and make a suitable proposal.

What makes Ticketcounter's online ticket shops and visitor management systems special?

Because they enable you to better utilize your parking load, generate more efficient staffing, reduce queues and provide a much better customer experience.

Why is offering time slots interesting?

Consumers receive their e-ticket by email. This ticket is provided with a unique barcode. When they visit your leisure facility, they bring the ticket with them on their smartphone or as a hard copy. Your employees will scan the code on site and grant entry.

What happens after consumers have bought a ticket via the shop?

You can buy or rent hand scanners from us, but we also offer an app that can read e-tickets with a standard smartphone. And that app is completely free of charge.

Do we need to buy a scanner to read e-tickets?

Because our customers only have to pay for our service once their online ticket shop actually generates income. We receive a small commission for tickets that you sell through the shop. You can take this into account when setting the entrance fee. And that way you don't need to make any upfront investments.

Why is setting up my shop with Ticketcounter free of charge?

Very secure. 3,000 people ensure the security of our customers' ticket shops around the clock. Because that is how many IT and data security professionals work for the platform on which our online ticket shops and other visitor management systems are running.

How secure are Ticketcounter's shops and visitor management solutions?

Yes, that is possible without any problems. Our developers have many years of experience in creating interfaces between the most diverse hardware and software solutions. Practically every one of our products can be linked to existing systems.

We recently purchased a new checkout system. Can we still use Ticketcounter scanners?

With our tools, a wide variety of institutions sell tickets online. We have established intensive partnerships with numerous zoos. The customer base includes both owner-managed animal parks and municipal facilities. In addition, museums, amusement parks and event organizers rely on Ticketcounter's range of services.

Which industries does Ticketcounter serve?

Every online ticket shop collects personal data. For example, the shop saves the first and last names of the visitors. The same applies to the e-mail addresses to which you will send the admission tickets. The protection of this data is of great importance to us. To ensure a high level of data security, we have taken a whole range of measures. An external specialist is entrusted with the topic as our data protection officer. We also have our processes certified according to ISO 27001 and 27002. Comprehensive security tests (so-called pen testing) are done on a regular basis. And the same applies to the constant internal monitoring of all aspects relevant to data security.

How does Ticketcounter ensure data security?

We want to offer leisure facilities the best possible service at attractive prices. This requires a well balanced team of specialists. Around 40 people currently work for Ticketcounter and for our customers. The team includes programmers, IT specialists, project managers and partner managers. But we also employ, for example, account managers, project managers and sales people.

How is the Ticketcounter team set up?

Working in partnership with our customers is our top priority. It doesn't matter whether we ‘just’ develop an online ticket shop or deliver a complete package for access control: you can rely on both our employees and our systems. When ticket sales and admission work smoothly, zoos, museums, amusement parks and organizers can concentrate on what they do best: Providing guests with unforgettable moments. Giving you the best possible support for that is our passion and our goal.

What are Ticketcounter's goals and what are the company's priorities?

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